Barbara Helmer (St. Louis) “Exceeded my expectations….(The Instructors) were outstanding:  communication skills/styles, time management, equal attention to each participant, sensitivity to each participant’s uniqueness, knowledge of subject matter…”

Tim Hairston (Chicago) “I arrived knowing that I could sing – Lately, I wanted to do more; reach inside and touch my audience. I walked out a different singer”

Debbie Barber-Eaton (Annapolis, MD) “The instructors met each of us where we were… with respect, humor and compassion, and because of this, each of us was able to benefit from their expertise.  I saw huge improvements in my classmates and I felt it in myself.”

Sandra McKnight (Santa Fe) “Lina is masterful in getting the best performance out of everybody and Rick’s musical direction, arranging and accompaniment was totally supportive of each individual performance.”

Jerome Elliott (Palm Springs) “… great insight, energy and, above all, love for the art of cabaret and a desire to share that love with all of us.  Their enthusiasm and conviction were infectious.”

Angie Schultz (St. Louis) “Lina and Rick were both exceptional….Rick is simply one of the most talented musicians I‘ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Margo Taylor (Santa Fe) “Lina Koutrakos is a national treasure! She is a teacher and performer extraordinaire. We are so lucky she comes to Santa Fe to share her knowledge and expertise with us –  Lina!”

KT McCammond (Chicago) “Lina is an incredible diagnostician.  Rick is equally adept at offering an incredibly diverse musical direction for any piece.  I highly recommend working with these two in any capacity when it is possible …”

Kay Love (St. Louis) “I am not an effusive person, so when I say that this was a life-changing experience for me, then that’s a big deal… I loved every minute of the workshop.”

Neil Greppin (St. Louis) “…TOP NOTCH! A must do for any singer who wants to dig deeper into their own abilities.”

Lori Davis (Houston) “I gained so much from this experience.  Rick and Lina have a marvelous ability to guide singers to their most authentic performance and to enjoy the process.”

John Randall (Los Angeles) “I have a clearer sense of myself as a performer and how an audience perceives me. I feel much more comfortable, real and authentic in my performance and confident in my ability to hold an audience.”

Lonny Smith (Alexandria, VA) “Lina and Rick put aside their own values and tastes to give the performer exactly what was needed …words can’t really convey what it was like: “journey” and “truth” and “amazing” are simply cliches and shorthand for three days that had to be experienced, not described.”