Multiple award winning New York cabaret/pop artists Lina Koutrakos and Rick Jensen have crafted this workshop intensive for singers to focus on the art of song performance.
You must be able to sing for this work to benefit you. We are not "voice lessons."

 Combining decades of experience as performers, director and music director,  teachers, Lina and Rick -along with Sally Mayes and Beckie Menzie-, facilitate a professional development weekend that takes each singers to his or her next level.  (see bios)

Whether you are working in concerts, clubs, cabaret rooms, musical theater or ALL of the above this workshop guarantees you a deeper connection to your work than when you walk in the door.

“I have a clearer sense of myself as a performer and how an audience perceives me. I feel much more comfortable, real and authentic in my performance and confident in my ability to hold an audience.”
 – Singer and Equity Tour Music Director, John Randall (Los Angeles)  

The core of the  intensive focuses on performance coaching. Participants receive individualized feedback and guidance on their performance in the following areas:  connection to material, physical choices, song selection, interpretation, arrangements, audience connection and internal/external focus of song.
  Other topics covered include constructing a show, working with your musical director, the importance of the arrangement and developing patter.

“Lina is an incredible diagnostician.  Rick is equally adept at offering an incredibly diverse musical direction for any piece.  I highly recommend working with these two in any capacity when it is possible …”
 After Dark Award wining “Best Cabaret Performer” KT McCammond (Chicago) 

We are continuing to make this affordable as we want to encourage you to take the opportunity to work with us each and every time we come to town, as you will guide your own growth and "use" us to help you get to the next rung of your performance ladder.

We are the people who can make you "pop" authentically and get your gift on its feet in both practical and profound ways. If you want that, this is where to get it. We look forward to working with you.