As the Midwest Conference is growing via word of mouth, many people return. The nature of this particular conference is for we the teachers to keep taking you at your level and getting you to the next one and not suggesting a particular agenda or game plan on you for the weekend People who have been a part of the conference before and put in their bid early will be accepted first.If we do not know you please submit a video and/or audio of you singing with your request to join us along with a short bio about your singing experience thus far.We will secure the participants positions and let you know by the end of January.

Look forward to hearing you! 

All Master Teachers who will listen are performers so the quality of your recordings (yes, even something you sang at a voice lesson or with karaoke tracks will work) do not matter to us, nor do they sway us in NOT picking you. We want your voice, heart and soul, not your technical achievements thus far. Of course if you've already put out a few CD's but want to improve your live performance, we would love to hear them also. All AUDITION submissions must be in by Monday January 12th 2017